Drive to EXcellence

DX Technology
for a Better World

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Smart Factory

Making your sites smarter for
more competitiveness

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Smart Logistics

Introducing logistics automation
for differentiated service

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Industrial Robot

Furnishing industrial robotics
for safer shopfloor

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POSCO DX Solutions

We take the competitiveness of industries
to the next level with systematic smart solutions.

  • Smart Factory Platform

    PosFrame is a smart platform that collects structured and unstructured data from production sites in real time and enables optimal process control using data-driven analytics and AI.

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  • RPA

    A.WORKS is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for office automation featuring software robots to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks that were previously done by humans.

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  • Vision AI

    Vision AI is an AI-based platform for facial recognition image processing and analysis with high recognition rates and powerful, blockchain-based security.

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  • Smart Controller

    PosMaster is an IPC-based control system (Smart Controller) that can integrate core functions (PLC, HMI) required for automation systems in industrial sites.

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  • Smart Safety

    Smart Safety is a smart solution aimed to create a safer workplace for workers, safety managers, site supervisors, and management through proactive accident prevention and response.

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  • AC Drive

    PosDrive is a customizable, premium air-cooled AC drive solution for any application that requires precise and powerful control.

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  • Logistics Automation

    POSCO DX aims to be a total logistics solution provider that provides everything from automation equipment for smart logistics centers to logistics solutions.

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ESG & Corporate Citizenship

We build a sustainable future by implementing ESG management & Corporate Citizenship efforts.

Corporate Citizenship

We publish annual Corporate Citizenship Reports for transparent disclosure of our business and ESG activities to various stakeholders.

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Environmental Management

To fulfill our social responsibility for the environment and the needs of the times, we have established and are operating an environmental management system throughout the company.

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Social Contribution

We are continuously promoting various philanthropic activities to practice corporate citizenship.

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POSCO DX is continuously striving to build an advanced governance system that harmonizes checks and balances between the Board of Directors and professional management.

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